Watch Viral Video on TikTok, This Man is Nikah Again Accompanied by Two Wives


As of late a video appearing a parade polygamy marriage viral on social media. Within the video called the prep went with by two spouses when hitched for the third time. The wedding video was transferred by the TikTok @diah**** account****. But it isn't known when and where the area of the marriage is. There are three recordings transferred by that account. Within the to begin with video a crimp to begin with spouse and furthermore see her spouse hitched for the third time. "The tenacity of the primary spouse and k-2 is more grounded the primary spouse compared to the moment to ach polygamy for the 3rd time. For tea, I salute you, not all ladies can be as solid as you're solid and earnest in polygamy, "composed the account seen Tuesday (24/1/2023).

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