Watch the Video of dana white slapping his spouse - Viral Video Dana White


UFC President turns into half of an contention after his video of slapping his companion start circulating on social media platforms. The video of Dana white slapping his companion gotten legitimate right here into the spotlight after it started circulating on social media platforms. Video uncovers UFC President Dana White slapping his companion interior the confront at a Modern Yr’s Eve get collectively in a Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, club. The essential data outlet to level the video was TMZ. 

This content will center on the most up to date questionable video of Dana White slapping his life partner. Let’s see how he’ll get bashed by the viewers. White without further ado gave TMZ a video attestation whereby he recognized that he had hit his life partner. White’s life partner moreover recognized to TMZ. She faulted liquor for what happened and recognized nothing like this had ever happened of their 30 a long time of marriage.

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