WATCH VIDEO: Bad Bunny Throws The Phone Of A Disobedient Fan Into The Water


A video posted to Twitter on Monday appears the rapper being addressed by a lady within the Dominican Republic as she endeavors to require a selfie with him on her portable phone. Awful Bunny says the fan got what she merited for being “disrespectful” by tossing her phone into the water. Spectators discernably pant when the performer heaves her phone into adjacent water, clearly bothered by her nearness. Awful Bunny multiplied down in a tweet after the clip rapidly racked up over a million sees. I will continuously deliver my consideration and regard to anybody who comes up to me, whether it is to say hi, to let me know something, or fair to meet me, he composed, interpreting from Spanish.When somebody comes to put a phone in my confront, I will consider it a need of regard, and I will treat it appropriately. The singer’s phone-throwing behaviors separated fans, a few of whom said it went as well distant. One fan composed that he can’t attempt to live a ordinary life when he’s a enormous celebrity and needs his individual space. Individuals are gonna be all over him, wow! Another disinterested watcher said that he or his agents ought to purchase her another phone. It doesn’t matter what she told him, he can’t toss her phone absent. Within the conclusion, he cannot fair crush people’s property. There was no require for him to call security or walk absent from her. There’s no question he’s losing touch with reality, a third individual said.In Awful Bunny’s defense, he tossed a “disrespectful” fan’s cell phone into a body of water. The occurrence was captured on video, which amassed two million sees on Monday. On Monday, the Latin pop star tweeted: Anybody who inquires me a address, tells me something, or fair needs to meet me will continuously get my consideration and regard. In case you put a fucking phone in my confront, I will consider it insolent, and I will treat it in like manner. Within the repercussions of the phone-throwing occurrence, fans were separated, with a few claiming the artist went as well distant. It’s reasonable that he would like a few security, but as a huge celebrity, he can’t fair live his ordinary life, a fan composed. Individuals are gonna be all over him, wow! His reps ought to get her another phone, another watcher said unimpressedly.

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