Watch Norm Risma Gandeng Hotman Paris, Rozy and the Lawyer of the Tight-Lightning Ask for Peace


Haru story Norma Risma, the figure of a lady covered by her spouse and organic mother, presently called progressively runyam. This was sloppy by the appearance of her ex-husband, Rozy Zay Hakiki in open and yield a report to the specialists for this matter. Addressing this, Norma Risma at last took a stand Hotman Paris as the lawful control. Be that as it may, finding that, Rozy who was initially unyielding needed to sue his spouse and claimed to need to create a predity. “Yes if you don't mind no issue, we are experts here, the point is that I'm here, the law office in Serang, it continuously puts forward for peace, I see. We are not working, we are not working anyplace, ” the lawful control of Rozy Zay Hakiki, Jumadi S.H, cited from the transfer @pembasmi_kekuan_real. 

Rozy's legitimate control said that his party put forward perdamain. That's not in understanding with his starting state of mind of needing to request back the Standard of Risma. “ On the off chance that there really is peace, you'll always put forward that's peace, do not attempt to create a complain, what I need like, ” the test.

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