Watch New Olivia Dunne Locker Room Video Goes Viral on Twitter

 Olivia Dunne and her gather caught the netizen’s eyes after the video started making rounds on social media stages. The leftover portion of Olivia Dunne’s LSU colleagues and she or he are getting prepared for an intrasquad meet. Olivia may exceptionally well be a social media star. In any case Dunne required to put up one thing on social media for her supporters a whereas recently that show up happen. She put up a video of herself and one in all her companions exchanging interior the locker room. The 2 have been wearing LSU leotards interior the video, which was posted on Dunne’s TikTok and rapidly went viral. In honest 16 hours, the video has more prominent than 115,000 likes. Dunne is likely one of the most-watched school adversaries and will certainly be the most-watched competitor. She has more prominent than two million Instagram disciples and more noteworthy than six million TikTok supporters

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