Viral Video of Babies Given Drinking Sachet Coffee, Make Feelings of the Soul


Circulate viral on social media video of a infant given sachet coffee or moment coffee. Short video on TikTok with the @tiktokfypese account, Saturday (21/1/2023), within the video a lady suspected of being the mother of the infant tore the sachet coffee and poured it into the glass, at that point brewed it. After that it was cleaned up the baby's sitting position and started to nourish the coffee he had fed. From the video caption, the child who has been drinking coffee drain can poo nine times a day. 

"Babies drink coffee G****** there's drain than drained F*********** he said there are milk," he composed within the video. "Yesterday-yesterday child CHAPTER 10x a day, thank God since drinking coffee drain presently he is CHAPTER 9x a day," he included.

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