Squid Amusement star Benevolent Yeong-su charged with s***al disastrous behavior as the performer denies the claims leveled out at him.

 Squid Beguilement star Kind Enthusiastic Soo has been arraigned for sexual wrongdoing and incitement. Per Korea JoongAng Conventional, the entertainer was charged by the Seongnam Parcel of the Suwon District Examiner's Office and is blamed for "disreputably coming to" an strange lady in 2017. All through the examination, Charitable has denied each one of the claims leveled out against him. His deciphered explanation scrutinizes, " reasonable held her hand to arrange the method for getting around the lake. I was as well terrible in light of the reality that [the person] said she wouldn't raise a ruckus over it in any case it doesn't recommend that I submit the charges." The arraignment communicated that it has gotten affirmation of bullying against the person in address and will be taking the circumstance to preliminary.

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