Spy Cctv Fitting Room H&M Viral Video Leaked Twitter - Viral Spy CCTV Fitting Room H&M Video

At around 6pm on July 2, a Mr. Huang from Guangzhou entered a Zhongshan H&M retail area, aimlessly snatched a match of pants and made a straight shot for the store’s fitting rooms. Once interior, 26-year-old Huang set a little camera he obtained online on the changing booth some time recently withdrawing to a adjacent room. With the camera synced to his phone, the high-tech ‘peeping Tom’ continued to observe as individuals entered the little room to undertake on clothes. Luckily for fit-curious H&M clients, the camera was unpleasantly situated (novice move) and Huang was as it were able to urge a see at the tops of their unaware heads. 
At 7.05pm the camera was found by a client, who cautioned store staff. Huang rapidly left the premises as a inquisitive swarm accumulated around the fitting area. Understandably concerned that he would be caught, ‘peeping Huang’ erased the camera-linked app. Huang sidestepped capture for over a week. He was at long last secured by police – who recognized him from CCTV film – in Zhongshan on July 11. Concurring to a Zhongshan Tv report, none of the film captured by Huang was spared or shared online.

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