Romeo Santos publishes a preview of the risqué video clip of 'Solo conmigo'


Modern Yorker's Modern Work brings it the primary week of July to Madrid after four a long time without venturing on Spain. Romeo Santos reported three concerts at the Wizink Center and, after breaking all sorts of records and running out of tickets in some hours, he reported a fourth appear for Thursday, July 6. Tickets are as of now on sale.Get off the dress and let's toast for love I do not judge your past or bad reputation Your list of significant others and adventures Not pertinent, no one contains a pure soul I do not care what you've done, where you've cleared out a bra Only Mother Teresa was sacrosanct with the skin Let the primary stone lady be holy I can't eradicate your story or who came some time recently me The saying goes that the one who giggles final giggles best Although a few touched your body, as it were I come to the soul.

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