Damar Hamlin's leaked video, NFL star Damar Hamlin's leaked video

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Damar Hamlin collapses on the field, entertainment suspended for the rest of the night. Bills and Bengals players were clearly energetic on the sideline. The NFL suspended the rest of the redirection between the Bills and Bengals on Monday night after Buffalo security Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field and was rushed to an adjoining clinic in Cincinnati.

The beguilement was,an to begin with, by chance suspended after Hamlin was down on the field for a couple of minutes though helpful staff oversaw CPR. Hamlin was unavoidably put onto a stretcher and into a aprotectivet vehicle. The NFL said he was in essential condition. The alarming occurrence happened with 5:58 remaining inside the to start with quarter and Cincinnati driving the redirection, 7-3. The Bengals were on their minute drive of the beguilement when quarterback Joe Burrow tossed a pass to Tee Higgins. Bills security Hamlin came over to make a handle to the conclusion of the play.

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