Watch video created by content creator Azalia Lexi (@azalialexi) went viral on Twitter and Reddit

 We are approximately to uncover something stunning that has as of late come to light. This data relates to the one and as it were fan maker who is getting to be prevalent on social media, especially Reddit and Twitter. You may well be inquisitive to know who she is; she is Azalialexi with Rick Campbell. So be beyond any doubt to studied this article through to the conclusion since we have been accepting data around the specifics of charged se*xual attack. 

She subsequently showed up whereas she was tweeting almost Wealthy Campbell since she is additionally a well-known Jerk streamer who has picked up a parcel of ubiquity much obliged to her recordings. Everybody was very stunned when they learned approximately their relationship, which is said to have begun as a four-year companionship also a sentimental relationship where they to begin with got to be intima*te at the starting of 2019. In expansion, Azalialexi uncovered a few startling data around him. 

She, in this manner, stated that he was the one who assaulted her in 2021 when he endeavored to coercively send her out into the road at three within the morning, which is why she was indicating him out presently that he had been stopping his work with the one genuine ruler. Whereas she was telling her story, she was very enthusiastic, but she still took her time and collected her considerations. This se*xual ambush has driven to Wealthy Campbell’s current suspension. 

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