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 During her 14 long times as a chef, Puerto Rican Yoly Lazo has been competent in counting Puerto Rican flavors at Walt Disney World, arranging predominant desserts like question and flan coco, as well as the celebrated coquito season at Christmas. For the woman from Yabucoa, having these dishes on the menu of one of the preeminent gone-by places in the world is a parcel of her mission to develop visitors’ palates with particular and one-of-a-kind flavors. 

When burger joints encounter the Puerto Rican dessert, the reaction is “sensational,” she portrays. “In Orlando, we have for the most part Puerto Ricans, and various of them, when they visit us inside the parks, are energetic to be in a put as colossal as Disney, where there are no Latinos, and there's Puerto Rican food,” she said. Lazo considered equipment at the College of Puerto Rico’s Humacao campus a few times as of late moving to Orlando in 1994. In show disdain toward the reality that he was on an outing in central Florida, he never returned to Puerto Rico after ge

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