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In May, a tugboat with a group of 12 was moving through choppy waters off the coast of Nigeria. The watercraft was towing an oil tanker when a sudden sea swell or rebel wave pummeled into the vessel, snapping the tow rope and capsizing the vessel at almost 4:30 a.m. 

Harrison Okene, the ship’s cook, was within the washroom when the pontoon turned over and started to sink. Most of the other group individuals were bolted in their cabins — a security safeguard required by the privateers who frequently ransack and snatch vessels in that zone. That security degree, in any case, fixed the other group members’ fate. 

Harrison Okene got to be an coincidental aquanaut when he survived more than 60 hours at the foot of the sea by breathing through an discuss pocket. In pitch dim, he overseen to grab his way from the can into another room, which had sufficient discuss to keep him lively. There, he fixed a basic stage to keep his body mostly over water and delay hypothermia.

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