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 She made history as one of the two transgender administrators in Mexico who was chosen to serve in congress. Be that as it may, she was at the center of a storm after she tweeted an uncensored p*rn video. In reaction to this, agents as well as women’s rights bunches made demands. After uploading an hint s*xual video to her Twitter account, trans lawmaker Maria Clemente Garca Moreno gotten both feedback and back from her adherents. 

Maria Clemente Garca Moreno (born 11 October 1985) may be a Mexican lawmaker and an dissident who champions the rights of ladies and minorities. She has been a part of the Mexican Congress since 2021 and is as of now a part of the LXV Governing body. As a previous part of Morena, she surrendered from the party on 31 Walk 2022 after having been a part for more than a decade. 

At first, García was a part of the Party of the Law based Transformation, but after the creation of Morena, she got to be a part of the said party as well. In 2021, Morena assigned her to run for government delegate through the plurinominal course. As a part of the LXV Council, she was chosen along with Salma Luévano as the primary two delegates to distinguish as transgender. Her obligations inside the Chamber of Agents incorporate serving as secretary of the Commission for Consideration to Helpless Bunches, as well as part of the Commission for Differing qualities. 

Her residency as a delegate has given her reputation in open conclusion for a few occurrences of segregation, counting when she talked out against ill-treatment within the cafeteria of the Chamber of Appointees. As she challenged articulations made by agent Gabriel Quadri that she felt were transphobic, she clashed with individual appointee Santiago Creel Miranda, who was directing over the Chamber session on 31 Walk 2022. A short time later, she apologized to Creel for the open conclusion, and announced that she would not be a party part, but too censured the lip service of the appointees as a entire, as well as of the Morena parliamentary group.

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