TRENDING Denise Chariesta and Regi viral video on Twitter


Denise Chariesta touched the video of life partner and companion Regi Datau and Ayu Dewi . The 31-year-old woman censured Regi Datau since his expression was as well level when he was with his spouse. It is decidedly suspected that Regi Datau himself is the figure of RD, Denise Chariesta’s past sweetheart who has as of late taken the virtual world by storm. Through her Instagram, Denise exchanged a TikTok video which included a bit of the video of Ayu Dewi and Regi Datau. After revealing at length roughly her issue with the man with the initials RD, Denise Chariesta once more made a stunning articulation. In her person Instagram exchange, Denise Chariesta direct said that she had never indicated the title RD was Regi Datau.In this way Denise Chariesta intensified an open welcome to Regi Datau and his life partner, Ayu Dewi, to supply clarification in organize to clear the names of those who had been respected terrible by society.By acting like a chief, the bloom vender looks truly at the camera. He at that point went wild and chastened Regi Datau so he would not be stunned when he was near to his spouse. Ma’am the creator , cut cut cut, it’s her companion in case it’s not as well much inconvenience require of expression, don’t reasonable gaze, in case it’s time to require his life partner in the event that it’s not as well much inconvenience help,” said Denise Chariesta cited from her Instagram.

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