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A Russian enrichment whose sweetheart kicked the bucket within the wake of being secured ignored amid his livestream was condemned to 6 a long time in imprison, as per source Stanislav Reshetnyak, a Russian beautification who goes by Stas Reeflay on the net, was condemned to six a long time in imprison after he appeared to drive his way better half outside uncovered, where she passed on from hypothermia. 

He afterward appeared to get it that she wasn't breathing and called specialists, who let him know that she died.The individual here goes by the title Reeflay, and this woman, Valentina, was possibly his sweetheart be that as it may might have been very as of late another lady. She was moreover a enhancement, and consequent to getting into a fight with Reeflay, his stream went calm for some hours, at that point, at that point, restarted with her dead body on his sofa. 

Inebriated, Pregnant Russian Beautification Fights on Camera and Winds up passing on Russian YouTuber stanislav reshetnyak video Who Live gushed GF's Passing After Watchers Paid to Mistreat Her Condemned to 6 A long time in Imprison Reef Lay, the popular Russian YouTuber who grabbed titles in December for live-streaming his 28-year-former sweetheart, Valentina Grigoryeva's death within the wake of securing her out on a exhibition in chilly temperatures at the command of watchers, was condemned to six a long time in imprison on Tuesday.

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