Patrick Briggs dead and tribute, American artist and lead vocalist of glam shake


Briggs started acting at the age of eight, when he went to a little theater in Burbank, California. He made the botch of trying out for The Seven Year Tingle since he was the as it were kid within the theater and won the part of Small Ricky. His to begin with melodic gather was the short-lived glam shake band for The Spotlight, comprising of Tracii Weapons, Kingdom Come’s Johnny B. Straight to the point and Rikki Rockett (drummer for Harm), taken after by Briggs on vocals. At that point, he gets to be a rave artist for Spotlight. 

Within the ’80s, Briggs moved to Unused York City and started working for the Cat Club. In 1994, Briggs was the chief of a little Unused York club called Wear Hill’s, entrusted with pulling in clients to the club. Briggs joined up with bassist and Wear Hill bartender Tommy Salmorin to create Psychotica. Briggs was instrumental in making themed evenings at an Atlanta club called the Glitterdome. It’s a night of sex, drag and shake ‘n’ roll. Briggs ordinarily dresses up as his change sense of self Torment and sings live with the Glitterdome. It too incorporates other neighborhood Atlanta drag rulers, as well as other broadly known stars.Briggs too made a night at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles called Club Cosmetics, where E! channels have a uncommon report. He is additionally the author of Squeezebox in Modern York City. Press the box! The film debuted at the Tribeca Film Celebration on April 25, 2008. Briggs too sang and visited briefly with a band called the Feeble Ocean Snakes.

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