@fegfights22 leaked video on twitter and reddit (Watch)

A unused case of bigotry is enlisted in Barranquilla, this time on Christmas Eve. The occurrence happened on a open benefit transport that voyages through the city and the metropolitan area. According to a arrangement of recordings circulating on social systems, a man and a lady got into a battle within the car and other passengers had to intercede. The primary recording captures the minute the traveler in address had an contention with the driver of a car having a place to the Sobusa company over the course she was aiming to take afterward. 

I’m not going there, I’ve told you, I’m not going there,” the man told him. The lady answered: “No, I’m not driving her to go, but she doesn’t got to let me know what to do. Do me a favor and regard me.” Suddenly, a traveler on the back situate of the transport hindered her: “Driver, halt talking to him! She needs inconvenience, don’t tell her anything else. The lady responded: “Shut the fuck up, closed the fuck up! Don’t be a toad.” In that video, the client recording the course as other travelers were approximately to board a vehicle bound for the La Playa urbanization Video was cut. 

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