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 Stephen Bear, the victor of Celebrity Enormous Brother, supposedly guaranteed TOWIE star, Georgia Harrison, that he would never share a video of them having . In his court case, Bear is charged with posting a CCTV video of him and his ex having on account without getting her assent. At Chelmsford Crown Court, the reality TV star is right now on trial for two checks of unveiling pictures or recordings and one tally of voyeurism. Charges were recorded after Georgia Harrison, Bear’s ex-girlfriend from TOWIE and Cherish Island, claimed Bear was posting the video online. 

In Admirable 2020, the couple is seen within the video having in Bear’s garden.Before locks in in consensual action, Georgia demanded she had no thought it would be captured on camera. Bear as it were brought up the plausibility of recording them on CCTV after the reality, agreeing to Georgia. Bear’s account shared the video in November 2020 in spite of her ask that he never send the film to anybody else. 

Georgia has proceeded affirming within the trial nowadays in spite of naturally forgoing her right to stay mysterious. She claims that Bear guaranteed her he would “never” share the video and has expressed that she needs equity for what happened to her. In court recently, Bear argued that the lady within the video wasn’t Georgia. The reality star blamed her of making up “full-blown lies” in voice notes played to the court. 

The trial of Stephen Bear is planned to proceed this morning. For the moment day of his “revenge” trial, the reality TV star is planned to reach at Chelmsford Crown court. Georgia Harrison, a TOWIE and Cherish Island star, is planned to proceed affirming nowadays. She claims Bear shared a CCTV video of the combine having in his plant on account without getting her consent. Georgia claims she was as it were made mindful of the CCTV after they had which she was uninformed that she was being recorded.

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