What Is Video 1444? An Explanation of the Viral "Cursed" Video (Watch)


In case you’re inquisitive to observe this puzzling unused slant for yourself, you might need to hold off and think twice around that. Several individuals have seen “Video 1444” coasting around on social media or popping up on YouTube, but what the video involves is very realistic and past exasperating. The 17-second video appears a Russian man committing suicide in his home.It to begin with surfaced and begun trending on Oct. 19, at that point it picked up consideration once more on Dec. 9, after a TikTok client said it on the app. It started a hunt for the term “video 1444” and different forms of the YouTube video have reemerged. But a few social media clients have been sharing joins to this exasperating film without telling individuals what it truly is. More regrettable however, the video is really rumored to be reviled. 

What precisely is Video 1444 on YouTube? 

The real video appears Gleb Korablev, an 18-year-old Russian fellow, shooting himself within the head. It's a genuine occurrence that happened amid a livestream on the morning of Oct. 17. It was gushed through a Russian social media site called VK, and it was most likely recorded in Russia. The unique video, which was over two hours long, appeared the teen's dead body on the sofa until the police came. But within the 1444 connect that has gone viral, it was altered to as it were appear his final words and the real suicide. In the film, Korbaley can be seen utilizing an attack rifle, which he held to his head some time recently pulling the trigger. 
The video, which was posted by a YouTube channel called Gut, has since been taken down. The channel has too been expelled, but the clip itself has been transferred once more by diverse clients and shared on stages like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

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