Watch Model Ivana Knoll, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Viral Video

Known for her knolldoll Instagram account, this social media starlet. After making it to the Miss Croatia World 2016 finals, she rapidly picked up reputation for design modeling as well as travel and way of life photo blogging. A well-known Instagram star is Ivana Meadow. On September 16, 1992, in Frankfurt, Germany, Ivana was born. Ivana could be a well-known and in-demand celebrity who picked up popularity as an Instagram star. Ivana Meadow is 26 a long time ancient as of the year 2018. A well-known Instagram Star list part is Ivana Meadow. 

Ivana Meadow, who bolsters Croatia, is respected as the “hottest World Glass fan” and picked up web notoriety amid the 2018 tournament. Model, Instagram influencer, TikTok star, and social media star Ivana Meadow. Kn√∂lldoll is her property. Concurring to their site bio, “The objective was to create a unmistakable Croatian item. a moderate arrangement that was spurred by Croatia’s overcome and highlights the ruddy and white chessboard, which is the country’s symbol and is well-known around the world, particularly within the wake of the World Container within the summer of 2018.

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