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 Whitney Cummings says she joined OnlyF to tell filthy jokes, free from blowback and talk on other social media sites…she’s tearing up Elon Musk’s app. We caught up with Whitney at Delinquent and asked her why she chosen to drag her wagon to OF, where she’s working on a advanced show up around comedy cooks. Whitney sees OnlyF as long term of comedians looking for a secure put to tell jokes…they see it as an elective to places like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and clarifies how comedians get stuck when jokes cut corners. As Whitney puts it, OnlyF bunches of spectators are utilized to the incomprehensible — the area is scandalous for promoting enrollments to models who offer uncovered substance — and places like Twitter are full of “idiots” and “spikes” scope, They require humor, not loathe talk.

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