shuhua incident video | Shuhua ‘Nxde’ Fancam Deemed Legendary

Sis accepting an outpour of laud for her nearness within the group’s “Nxde” comeback. Taking after the discharge of her fancam from “M Countdown,” individuals are claiming the video is legendary. Pann Nate to share a post titled “Shuhua’s blonde hair fancam is legendary.” The post included a few GIFs of Shuhua amid I Nxde” comeback organize for Mnet’s “M! Countdown.” 

Individuals are saying they get it why Shuhua was given more parts, saying that “Nxde” was essentially made for her due to how well she fits the concepts. Shuhua Spotted Crying When Fans Cheered For Her After Their Last “Queendom” StageQueendom‘s last arrange I-DLE performed a unused unique melody called “LION. Member Shuhua gotten much adore when they performed it, with the icon getting her solo presentation for the execution. 
Within the past, Shuhua was criticized for being emotionless on organize, with antis commenting that she had no arrange presence.She demonstrated them off-base with this execution, in any case, and numerous complimented her expressive eyes and her command of the stage. Some fans have even commented that this is often Shuhua’s era.It shows up the icon listened, and she was seen covering her confront to cover up her tears. She turned to Soojin and embraced her as she cried.

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