NIKITA DRAGUN ARRESTED AT MIAMI HOTEL video on reddit at Judge leaked

Nikita Dragun supposedly bound herself to the handle of a entryway after she strolled around a swimming pool within the bare. At that point, she supposedly drenched Miami Shoreline security watches and officers with water. The transgender celebrity was captured on a crime charge of battery against a law requirement officer Monday night. It appears like she was having as well much fun at The Goodtime Hotel. A report from the specialists was gotten by TMZ. It subtle elements how law authorization arrived at a unsettling influence and wild state at the inn. Concurring to this report, the lodging security staff detailed that Nikita had been disturbing their region for long periods of time. Amid one occurrence, she had been bare within the hotel’s pool range. 

The hotel’s security staff told police Nikita kept on disturb the peace in spite of being requested to halt. They moreover claim she intentioned showered somebody with water. Officers climbed up to Nikita’s room with security after they arrived on scene. They say they heard uproarious music playing within the room. After a few thumps, the police report claims that Nikita opened the entryway. Be that as it may, when security clarified to her that she required to closed the entryway or she’d be inquired to take off the inn, Nikita pummeled it in their faces. Once the police arrived, Nikita supposedly opened the entryway and inquired security watches on the off chance that they needed more. At that point, they say she swung a water bottle and water sprinkled on both the officer and the security protect. This driven to her capture.

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