Kanyike’s wife has finally spoken on claims she is the man in viral video

Kanyike’s spouse known as Juliet has talked out on claims she is the man in viral video which has been making rounds on social media this week. Amid this week, a video created by police surfaced on social media of a man who clearly looks like a lady with cosmetics and wig was out on roads eating men’s cash. 

Within the video, the man was stripped totally and there wasn’t any highlight on his body that was like of lady. The as it were thing he had faked was a bra with a wipe that he put on blend up">to blend up men who were attempting to vibe him more. As the video was still making rounds, Allan Kanyike one of the best fans of band music with his spouse moving too made rounds on social media. Angry Kanyike instantly went to police and detailed the case of computer Abuse and guaranteed a blogger who had posted his video that he will be worked on as before long as conceivable. Presently the wife Juliet has moreover come out to clear the discuss saying she isn't a man and she has never been a man.

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