Joy Behar Revealed That She Was Once Fired From “Good Morning America” Due To Poor Performance

 An awfully shocking reason once driven Delight Behar to lose her position on “Good Morning America.”. On Friday’s appear, she uncovered she misplaced her work at the ABC sister program since she didn’t do well at her work as a secretary. Amid a discussion with visitor Kumail Nanjiani, who was stunned by the disclosure, Behar, 80, shouted out that he had been let go from “Good Morning America” a long time prior. As a assistant, I was the most exceedingly bad, she claimed, inciting co-host Sara Haines to affirm the genuine story. My farewell display was a trip to Chippendales,” Bliss Behar clarified to Kumail Nanjiani after being let go. 

Kumail Nanjiani, who stars in “Welcome to Chippendales,” conceded that she had a great time taking portion within the male striptease appear, counting putting cash in their thingy. As of 2013, the media identity withdrawn the appear for which she had served as a panelist since 1997. The See has been facilitated by Bliss Behar since 1997, but for seasons 17 and 18. Earlier to her victory on the conversation appear, she held a assortment of other occupations. In an meet with Great Housekeeping in 2018, she examined her time at GMA. In expansion to doing stand-up comedy on the side, Delight got to be a secretary for the morning appear.

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