Colombian judge s*spended for showing up half n*ked to Zoom court hearing


In the midst of a Nov. 16 court hearing held through Zoom, Judge Vivian Polonia was seen in lying in bed in her und*rwear. A Colombian judge scandalous for sharing suggestive photos of herself on social media was given a three-month suspension this week for appearing up half-naked and smoking in bed in the midst of a virtual court hearing. 
Polania, 34, made national highlights last week when she appeared up on a Zoom call unwinding in what looked to be her clothing and puffing on a cigarette in the midst of a court hearing related to a car assaulting centering on an outfitted
 constrain brigade that took put inside the city of Cúcuta in June 2021. The video of the scantily-clad judge quickly went viral and incited the disciplinary committee to celerity an examination into Polonia’s NSFW appear. 
Concurring to the panel’s 16-page regulating, Polonia kept her camera off for around an hour a few time as of late turning it on, revealing that she was lying in bed in a “deplorable” state, looking “disheveled with slow eyes,” and slurring her discourse. When an legal counselor appear at the hearing told the judge that her camera had been turned on, Polonia quickly traded the contraption off. The committee communicated that the choice to put Polonia on unpaid take off through February was made after it was chosen that she was not fit to perform her commitments since she did not respect the parties at the hearing and failed to comply with the legitimate dress code.

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