Ziza Bafana releases Okabila ki? new song

 Ziza Bafana genuine title Richard Kasendwa a Ugandan exceptional artiste, lyricist and guitarist is before long dropping his unused banger titled “Okabila ki?” The incredible raga and dancehall entertainer known for taking the group of onlookers by storm after a whereas he is dropping you a unused banger “Okabila ki?” 

The Byagana artist begun singing in 2011 and has since never turned back with his exceptional dancehall music class. He raps inconceivable verses in Jamaica Patios. Through his music execution, Ziza Bafana has overseen to travel around the globe and to different nations like South Africa, Netherlands, Joined together Kingdom and numerous more. Since he started his music career, Ziza Bafana has discharged numerous tunes counting Embuzi, Gyayo Ntekeyo, Pomin Pomin, Inviting coordinate a tune he highlights in with Zani Brown, Ensonga, Byagana, “Okabila Ki?” his brand unused banger and numerous others. In any case some time recently beginning music as a proficient, Ziza Bafana was a artist in church, he performed gospel campaigns and gospel music.

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