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A few Tennessee dams offer a few extraordinary walleye angling in April and May. One such supply is Chickamauga, a 36,240-acre store found along the Tennessee Waterway in southeastern Tennessee.The Chickamauga Store was made in 1940 when it was seized by the Tennessee Valley Specialist (TVA) after the completion of the Chickamauga Dam in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

This alter will be a enormous eye stocking program, not the verifiable sucker stocking framework. Closely related to suckers and local to the Tennessee Stream, the Walleye as of now offers fabulous angling openings within the Chickamauga and Watts Bar supplies due to TWRA’s yearly stocks. Placing walleye on suckers may be a great thought for a few reasons; walleyes live longer, are bigger in estimate, are more successful in by and large incubator generation than suckers, utilize more zone within the supply and give Superior year-round fishing opportunities. Like suckers, walleyes have an awfully great table slim down and are one of the most reasons why they are so looked for after.

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