TikTok Star Mikaela Testa Criticized Over Indonesian Canine Meat Video


After posting a flawed video of her go to to an Indonesian publicize on TikTok, TikToker Mikaela Testa stood up to an bewildering sum of shock on the video-sharing web areaAs of late, the 22-year-old gone to circular Indonesia. She exchanged a video of herself making an endeavor a number of sorts of animal meat in spite of the fact that she was interior the nation, which enraged web clients. For her travel and life-style movement pictures, Mikaela is well-known. Testa depicted aiming to a “top-secret” promote that given each kind of meat, adjacent to that from monkeys, rabbits, crocodiles, rats, frogs, and canines in a now-deleted video. Testa at to begin with rose to approval by dressing as Jasmine from the Disney movement picture Aladdin. She besides gone up against input in 2020 after revealing that she spends $1.4 million yearly. She continued by guarding her way of life on TikTok. On social media,

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