Russia-Ukraine War Deadly Strikes, Read Latest News

 The Russian-installed specialists in Crimea moved rapidly on Sunday to reestablish a few street and rail activity on the Kerch Strait Bridge, after an blast a day prior somewhat harmed the span and humiliated the Kremlin.

The collapsed way of the road bridge will constrain Russian military advancements until it is repaired, driving some Russian powers to depend on the dispatch affiliation for a couple of time,” the Established for the Consider of War, a Washington bunch that tracks the conflict, composed in a report on Saturday. “Russian qualities will likely still be able to transport overpowering military adapt by implies of the railroad.”

Russian examiners are working to set up the cause of the blast, which Moscow said slaughtered three individuals. Mr. Putin has marked an arrange fortifying security on the bridge, and will meet with his Security Board on Monday, said his representative, Dmitri S. Peskov. He did not indicate the motivation.

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