Remembering Leslie Jordan’s most hilarious viral videos during the pandemic


On-screen character and comedian Leslie Jordan, who passed absent Monday at 67, utilized his interesting fashion of humor to assist millions through the coronavirus pandemic. “Hello, individual hunker downers,” he would welcome his Instagram devotees some time recently he’d share a amusing story from his childhood, sing a melody, or have his “Pillow Talk,” which comprised of him talking whereas laying his head on a pillow. Here are a few of the most clever recordings the “Will & Grace” star posted which have since gone viral.

Daddy observe me twirl!” Jordan yelled as he described the time he favored to be a majorette over a football player. When exercise centers covered and wellness gear was difficult to come by, the on-screen character had us in fastens with his “fitness routine.” He swung around a back scratcher that he turned into a stick and spun it around whereas he related the time his father took him to a football game. Jordan’s father would discover his youthful child spinning around a stick when he’d come domestic from work. The “American Frightfulness


 The story” performing artist said he’d be shouting for his father to observe him spin before his dad’s ancient armed force buddies.

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