LEAKED S*X VIDEO: “It isn’t me, even though I have water” – Bushenyi MP’s wife, Karungi Joy, denies being the woman in viral SQUIRTING sextape


In a articulation, Karungi Delight, said she has water, but it wasn’t her within the trending spilled sextape with a yet-to-be recognized man. Information peruses: “Bushenyi MP’s spouse Karungi Delight talks out, saying, “Yes, I have water, but it isn't me within the spilled video, I can’t do such a thing.” In the trending VIDEO, Karungi Delight, is seen bringing out as well much waters from her vagina as a yet-to-be recognized man is seen utilizing his dick to tease. The video has gone viral and it has made Karungi Delight respond as she claims she isn’t the lady in spilled trending sextape. 

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