Joe Biden gives DATING advice to young girl

US President Joe Biden gave dating counsel to a youthful young lady amid his visit to Irvine, California on Friday. As Joe Biden ceased for photographs with a youthful lady after conveying comments at Irvine valley college, he put his arm on a youthful girl's bear and advertised her a few spontaneous dating advice.

The dating exhortation video has over 5 million sees and has gathered blended responses on Twitter. Whereas many claimed that the young lady looks “uncomfortable”, others said it is “blown out of proportion.” He's not "snatching" he's touching her bear. She isn't "awkward" she's shocked and enchanted. How frightening can you all be almost a granddad figure joking around with a adolescentDisgrace on you all.

President Joe Biden gets a youthful young lady by the bear and tells her “no genuine folks till your 30” as she looks back showing up awkwardmystery benefit shows up to undertake to halt me from shooting it after Biden talked @ Irvine Valley Community College |

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