Drew Lauter president of iHeartMedia Atlanta Fired

 The video was shot in Famous 2021, wherein Drew Lauter and other staff people of the company, a number of whom are dim, are seen inside the back arrange of a car, returning from a charity event. He showed up making degrading comments in deprecatory lingo, telling the driver to run over certain people of color. Atlanta radio official let go after video surfaces of him appearing up to utilize biased person slurs Drew Lauter, president of media company iHeartMedia Atlanta, was let go after a video surfaced of him appearing up to say racial slurs. An agent for iHeart Media confirmed to Channel 2 Investigative Columnist Ashli Lincoln on Thursday that Lauter isn't utilized by the company. video shows up Lauter riding inside the rearward sitting course of action of the car and appearing up to more than once utilize the “n-word.”The same agent says “allegations of this nature go against our company values and our courses of action and we take them uncommonly really. ”Employees were infor

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