Aziz Azion and Nana Weber swap saliva on camera: Video

 It has essentially come to to a point where performer Aziz Azion and socialite Nana Weber can’t conceal their issue. The two were to begin with rumored to be on each other’s radar after being spotted together at Comedy Store a number of days ago.The combine had messy eagerly composed all over their faces and word begun circulating approximately how the Oxygen artist is chewing Nana’s crude beans. They have presently chosen to slap their undertaking in everyone’s confront after the later video circulating online. In this video making features, Nana can be seen sitting on Aziz Azion’s lap. Whereas holding a phone to gather prove for the haters and questioning Thomases, Nana continues to plant a damp kiss on the singer’s lips. 

This has started diverse rumors among the open. As in the event that not to modest absent from the rumored relationship, Aziz took to his Instagram page to post a few raunchy and devious pictures of him and Nana on his Instagram page. There's completely no question that the two have been bonking themselves hardheartedly and pointlessly.

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