At Least 151 Killed as Halloween Crowd Surge Turns Deadly in South Korea


The primary open air, mask-free Halloween celebration since the 2020 COVID flare-up brought about in at slightest 151 fatalities and 65 to 150 woundsagreeing to nearby media, whereas taking put in Seoul's Itaewon neighborhood. According to Yonhap News, there were about 100,000 celebrators within the well-known nightlife district. The passing toll might increment encourageauthorities said, and 19 of the harmed are in basic condition. Online recordings appeared individuals being pushed through the congested roads whereas wearing expound ensemblesA few seemed to climb the dividers on each side to urge away. In other moviesready to see body sacks, rescuers pulling oblivious individuals out from beneath the horde, and paramedics giving CPR.

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